Car Relocation Services 

When you’re tackling a move, whether it’s just over the state line, or coast-to-coast, the details can get quite complex. Packing, scheduling movers, finding a home, and all of the other details can quickly overwhelm you. Vehicle transport doesn’t have to add to your stress. In fact, with Chips Transport and our attentive team, moving your car can be the easiest part of your relocation process.

Our car relocation services allow you to ship your car directly to your new home affordably and hassle free. You save money by not paying for gas, tolls, and hotels as you try to ship your car. You’ll also avoid adding more miles and wear and tear to your vehicle. Let Chips Transport handle your car relocation, so you can focus on the rest of the details of your move.

Open and Enclosed Carriers for Personal Moves

Open Carrier Transport for Individuals

An open carrier is our most affordable car shipping option. Add your vehicle to one of our many open carrier shipments, and save money while getting your car where it needs to go.

Enclosed Carrier Transport for Individuals

If your car is a unique, luxury, or collector’s model, you can further protect it in the shipping process by choosing an enclosed carrier. This reduces the risk of in-transit damage and adds a layer of protection to the vehicle while it is on the move.

Have questions about shipping your car with Chips? We have answers!

If you’ve never shipped a car before, we know you may have questions. Our car relocation services are simple: just schedule your transport date with our team. We will pick up your vehicle or arrange for you to drop it off at one of our terminals. We will then load it onto one of our carriers and drive it to your destination. We have terminals throughout the United States. We offer front-door delivery in most situations. Do you need to store your vehicle while you manage your move? No problem. You can store with us; we’ll even wash your car before you pick it up.

Chips Transport is fully insured against in-transit damage caused by equipment failure or carrier negligence. We also have a carefully trained team who knows how to safely ship vehicles. Finally, we offer tracking, with daily updates so you can always locate your vehicle.

Remove your personal belongings, including anything that can be carried from the vehicle. Bring it to us with less than a quarter tank of gas. Consider taking some pictures to verify its condition when you drop it off and give us copies of those pictures. We’ll handle the rest!