Comprehensive Dealership Car Transport Services from Coast to Coast

When you manage a dealership, moving vehicles is part of the job. You often need to swap with other locations to keep your inventory fresh. Other times, you need to pick up used cars from auction and have them delivered to your dealerships. You may even need to deliver a vehicle to a customer who lives far away or overseas. Chips can help you with all of these.

At Chips, we take the time to get to know your dealership and its needs so we can offer custom shipping options to deliver your cars to you in a timely manner. Use our convenient form to submit your order online; we will get back to you quickly with a quote. Once we start working together, we will give you access to our Dealership Portal where you can view daily updates about your vehicles’ locations. You will know exactly when your cars will arrive at your dealerships.

For over 25 years we have partnered with dealerships across the country to manage dealer trades, inventory management, and customer deliveries. Let Chips help you manage these jobs effectively. Request a free quote and don’t forget to ask about multiple vehicle discounts when you call.

Open Vs. Enclosed Vehicle Transport for Car Dealerships

Open Transport for Multi-Car Purchases

Are you moving a large number of cars from one dealership to another or do you have several auction vehicles to pick up? Open transport is the best, most cost-effective solution to get your cars where they need to go.

Enclosed Transport for Luxury or Custom Vehicles

If your dealership manages custom or luxury vehicles or if you offer premium car delivery to your most exclusive customers, you need to protect those vehicles in transit. Enclosed transport provides that protection. Give your customers the VIP experience when you deliver vehicles to their door in one of our enclosed trailers or move vehicles from your different dealer locations with added peace of mind.

Have questions about shipping with Chips?
We have answers!

If you have a short distance move, we can handle it quickly. Each move is unique, so please contact us for a custom quote.

Chips Transport provides individualized quotes for vehicle delivery. We can pick up cars from different used car auctions and arrange to have them transported to your dealership. We even offer multi-car discounts for these jobs. When arranging pickup from an auction, make sure you check with the auction house to see what its requirements are for vehicle release, so we can get the right documentation when you book your transport service. Also, please ensure that the vehicle is fully paid for and ready to be released to us before the transport date.

It is your responsibility to have vehicles inspected. We will transport them for you, but cannot be responsible for inspections.

Request a Custom Quote for Car Transport Services

When you call Chips Transport for a quote, you can talk directly to the owners, who are always available to discuss your needs and create a custom plan. We are here to help you, no matter how big or small your concern. We will treat your vehicles with the utmost respect. Reach out today to schedule your car move and benefit from the personal attention and first-class treatment we always deliver at Chips Transport.